The Great Basin Consortium is pleased to announce its second annual conference on January 14-16, 2013 at Boise State University.

The Great Basin Consortium is a consortium of partners whose vision is to coordinate and collaborate on science delivery to achieve sustainable and resilient Great Basin ecosystems and human communities.  Our mission is to increase communication and coordination among the partner organizations in order to enhance the effectiveness of their research, management, outreach and funding activities.

Participant organizations include:

  • Great Basin Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (GB-CESU) – The GB-CESU is a partnership involving federal and non-federal partners that provides research, technical assistance and education to federal land management, environmental and research agencies, and their potential partners.  These programs enhance understanding and management of natural and cultural resources of the Great Basin and involve the biological, physical, social, and cultural sciences needed to address resources issues and interdisciplinary problem-solving at multiple scales and in an ecosystem context at the local, regional, and national level.
  • Great Basin Environmental Program (GB-EP) – The GB-EP develops funding for on-the-ground projects and related research and outreach education to improve the Great Basin environment. It’s role is to develop funding from public and private sources to facilitate landscape-scale, on-the-ground projects by engaging NGOs, state agencies and their coalitions, and the private sector in collaboration with universities and federal agency partners.
  • Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GBLCC) –  The GBLCC enhances the understanding of the effects of changing climate and other natural and human impacts across the region and promotes the coordination of science‐based actions to enable human and natural communities to respond and/or adapt to those conditions. This is a DOI initiative working with stakeholders to develop landscape-scale tools and monitoring to address climate change and other regional stressors.
  • Great Basin Research and Management Partnership (GB-RMP) – The GB-RMP promotes comprehensive and complementary research and management collaborations to sustain ecosystems, resources and communities across the Great Basin. This is a grassroots organization that provides a web-based clearinghouse of information for the Great Basin and mobilizes teams of researchers and managers to fund and implement projects that address priority science needs.
  • Great Basin Restoration Initiative (GB-RI) – The GB-RI aims to maintain and/or restore public lands in the Great Basin using science-based strategies supported by stakeholders.
  • Great Basin Fire Science Delivery Project (GB-FSDP) – The GB-FSDP provides fire and fuels science information to Great Basin land managers through a variety of venues, and builds direct connections between managers and scientists.

For further information on the Great Basin, please see the Great Basin Consortium website.

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